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YouTube Music vs. Apple Music vs. Spotify – Which is Best?

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Youtube Music, Apple Music, and Spotify, which of the three music streamers serves the best? 

It has been a debate to many music stream users about which of the three dynamic music streamers has been providing the best service. You’re reading this article because probably you, too, are curious about which among the three is the best. 

This article elaborates the benefits and the probable reasons why that or this music streamer is better than the other two. In order to do that, we have compared one brand to another to see which one serves better. And do the same process to the other brand. So keep on reading, see the result on which of the three is really the best music streamer. 

Is it YouTube Music or Spotify?

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From big plaques to cassette tapes to compact disks, the way music is being distributed has become more and more convenient for listeners to access it. Nowadays, you can instantly search for trending artists on Youtube or listen to your type of music on Spotify by just merely using your smartphone. Both of these music streamers are superb in terms of the convenience they bring in music streaming. 

Spotify, however, is most chosen by listeners in terms of safety where it offers podcasts with a lot of quality songs to search and discover. While if you choose Youtube Music, it means you are keen on listening not only to songs but watching their music videos too. And that is what this music streaming service is good at. 

Is Apple Music better or YouTube Music?

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Youtube Music is an amazing music streaming app like Spotify. And another music streaming application is Apple Music. Now, is this Apple Music better than Youtube Music? Some will say Youtube Music is better and some will choose Apple Music as their choice of music streamer. Let us know about their differences to know which is better.

Below are the following features of Apple Music:

  • Consistent combination with Apple’s ecosystem
  • Defeats live radio and archive
  • Human curated suggestions
  • Social features
  • Support for uploading/matching your own music files
  • Fits naturally with ‌HomePod‌

You are now familiar with the highlight features of Apple Music. Let us proceed to familiarize ourselves with the Youtube Music highlight features. It can help us to compare for yourselves which best fits your taste.

  • Cloud storage for more music collection
  • Official web player
  • Outstanding music motion algorithms
  • Moderate mobile UI

After reading those features above, you now have an idea which is better for you. Remember that both of these apps bring convenience to us. In the end, most people choose Apple Music because it has a better user experience in terms of mobile apps and neat social features. Wherein Youtube Music has none of the said advantages.

Is it better to have Spotify or Apple Music?

I have mentioned the general features of Spotify and enumerated the highlight features of Apple music. Both of them are good choices in fact. It depends on the capability and gadgets that you are using for you to be able to enjoy both music streaming applications. If you are looking for good quality music, I recommend Apple, but Spotify is better at discovering music and has better recommendations of playlists. 

Which of the three works better?

Only the users can tell what is the best music streaming application for them. It depends on the resources they have in choosing what best fits them. The one common thing among these apps is that they all give convenience to us with our musical needs. They may have advantages and limitations with some of their features, but one thing is for sure, music cravings became accessible because of these technologies.

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