4AK Brekky with Kramer

Weekdays from 6am

Wake up a different way, as Kramer serves up the Best of the 80's to Now! Catch the latest National News on the hour and Local News with Mark Plummer half past the hour. If it's happening in the region, you'll know about it.


Kick-Start - 6.35am | Birthday Book - 7.45am. Be listening out for your chance to win hot prizes on 4AK.

4AK Workdays with JT

Weekdays from 10am 

JT knows how to get you through your workday - with The Best Songs from the 80's to Now!

Make a workday request - call 13 10 09


Weekdays from 2pm


Playing the Best Songs from the 80's to Now to help you get through the workday afternoon. 


Also keeping you up to date with all the celebrity goss! 

Kate, Tim & Marty

Weekdays from 5pm

Bringing a conversational cheekiness to 4AK with Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold. 

Mixing the hottest topics of the day with the best of the web and also engaging with you personally by letting you joining their ‘club’!

Kyle and Jackie-O

Weeknights from 6pm

Kyle & Jackie-o's Hour of Power gets you home weeknights from 4pm!


Tune in to hear all the stars, gossip and the latest hits.


Kyle & Jackie-o are exclusive to 4AK across Toowoomba & the Darling Downs!

Trending 20 Countdown Show with Josh

Weeknights from 8pm

From 8pm, In an all New Show Josh plays the Trending 20 Countdown!

Up Late/Nights with Josh

Weeknights from 10pm

Listen to the Best of the 80's to Now on Up Late with Josh! 

Saturday Morning's and Afternoon's

Saturday Mornings from 6am

Saturday Afternoon's from 12 Noon

Serving up the Best Music from the 80's to Now!


Saturday Afternoon's from 4pm

Listen to the Best Music from the 80's to Now with the iHeart Radio Countdown!


iHeart Radio Countdown

Sunday Morning's and Afternoon's. 

Sunday Mornings from 6am

Sunday Afternoon's from 12 Noon

Serving up the Best Music from the 80's to Now!


Kyle and Jackie-O with the A List

Sunday Night's from 6pm

Serving up the biggest celebrities with the hottest charting music on the planet. 

With celebrity co-hosts joining Kyle and Jackie O each week they cover the big… and the not so big issues in the world of entertainment!


Rick Dees

Sunday Nights' from 9pm

Serving  up the Best Music from the 80's to Now with the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40!